Important to know: Reasons why you may be fired in the UAE

 Important to know: Reasons why you may be fired in the UAE

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Important to know: Reasons why you may be fired in the UAE!

Be careful and monitor your responsibilities, because the employer has the right to terminate the contract with you on the following grounds:

1) If you impersonate another person or provide false documents

2) For making mistakes that cause significant damage to the employer, or intentional damage to his property

3) Violation of the internal regulations of the institution related to labor protection and safety

4) If you systematically fail to fulfill your work duties, despite a notice of dismissal

5) For disclosing the secrets of an institution that causes losses or the pursuit of personal gain

6) If you are considered mentally unstable due to alcohol or drug use in the workplace, or you commit actions that violate public morals

7) For attacking an employer, manager or colleague

8) If you are absent from work without a valid reason for more than 20 days intermittently or more than 7 days in a row within one year

9) For illegal use of one’s official position for personal purposes

10) For moving to a new job without following rules and procedures

Please remember that these violations are serious and may be grounds for your dismissal under UAE labor laws. Be responsible and value your work! 

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