VAT Refund for tourists

VAT Refund for tourists

VAT Refund for tourists

Through this service, the FTA in cooperation with Planet service provider, refunds the VAT to tourists upon departing the UAE.

Service Fees Details:

AED 4.80 for each tax-free tag. Deduction of 13% from the VAT amount requested.

Estimated Time to Submit Application
Manned desks: 5 Minutes, Kiosks: 3 Minutes.

Bank Card Refunds: 9 Days, Cash Refunds: 3 Minutes.

Required Documents and Forms:

• Original valid passport or GGC national ID card (based on the requirements to enter the UAE) – Copies are not accepted.

• Original tax invoices with the tax refund tag affixed to it. Your name on the receipt should match your name as per your travel document. *

• Purchased goods (please present your purchased goods to Planet staff located at Planet’s manned validation desks before you check in your luggage).

• Valid ticket or confirmed booking evidencing your departure from the UAE (in cases of departure through air or sea borders).

• Online boarding pass if using kiosks located at shopping malls or hotels (departure must be within 24 hours).

*If tax-free transaction is digital (through Planet’s POS Issuing 2.0 solution adopted by select merchants), presentation of tax-free tags and original tax invoices is no longer applicable.
Terms & Conditions:

1. The tourist should have entered the UAE on a tourist visa.

2. You must be 18 years and above and not a resident in the UAE.

3. The tourist must export validate their tax-free transactions within 90 days from the date of the tax invoice, at the time of their departure from the UAE.

4. The tourist must physically present the tax invoice, tax free tags and relevant goods, if requested by Planet staff.

5. Tourists may request a refund within one year from the date of export validating their tax-free transactions.

6. The maximum amount of cash refund is AED 35,000.

7. Retailers should be registered with the tourist refund scheme.

8. A VAT refund is applicable only for the goods that are eligible under the Tourist Refund Scheme.

9. The goods are not fully/partially consumed in the UAE.

10. Minimum purchase of AED 250.

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