FTA has released the Taxpayer Charter

FTA has released the Taxpayer Charter

FTA has released the Taxpayer Charter

FTA has released the Taxpayer Charter. It aims to enhance trust between taxpayers and the FTA by outlining the rights and responsibilities of taxpayers under the law.


Our summary of the Charter:


Taxpayer Rights:

Fair Treatment: Expect professional, respectful treatment from the FTA.

Consistent Application: Tax laws applied consistently to all.

Privacy: Assured confidentiality of provided information.

Consideration of Circumstances: Individual circumstances acknowledged.

Responsiveness: Timely responses to taxpayer requests.

Accurate Information: Access to reliable tax guidance.

Representation: Right to professional representation.

Appeal Process: Ability to appeal FTA decisions.

Complaints Procedure: Submission of complaints without repercussions.


Taxpayer Obligations:

Full Compliance: Adherence to tax obligations.

Provide Accurate Information: Timely submission of accurate data.

Cooperation and Respect: Respectful cooperation with FTA staff.

Assist in Deterring Tax Evasion: Duty to help prevent tax evasion.

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