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Consolidated Financial Statements

Consolidated Financial Statements


Consolidated financial statements is a must for larger or smaller group. Just 2 companies when one is a subsidiary of another one is already a group. We provide financial consolidation services whether you want to outsource a part of larger group or the entire group so you just concentrate on managing your business. No need anymore to hire head office teams!

Would you like to outsource financial consolidation
and reduce efforts on preparation?

  1. Monthly, quarterly, yearly
  2. Financial consolidation, Cash flow, Management accounts etc.
  3. Intercompany reconciliations
  4. In xls, consolidation software, locally, on your server or in the cloud
  5. Methodological support to create or transform consolidation processes

Annual or periodical consolidated accounts preparation under IFRS, local GAAP, US GAAP or other accounting standards and liaison with auditors

Annual or periodical consolidated accounts preparation under IFRS, local GAAP, US GAAP or other accounting standards and liaison with auditors

System implementation like an ERP in order to reduce time and improve quality of financial statements preparation

Financial consolidation stands as a critical cornerstone for businesses, regardless of their scale. At Consorata, we understand the significance of consolidated financial statements, even within smaller groups comprising just two companies—one acting as the subsidiary of another. Our suite of services encompasses the entire spectrum of financial consolidation, offering you the flexibility to outsource either specific segments or the entirety of this vital process. This empowers you to devote your undivided attention to steering your business forward, eliminating the necessity of assembling additional in-house teams.

Our range of financial consolidation services spans diverse reporting intervals, catering to monthly, quarterly, and annual requirements. We specialize in consolidating financial data, cash flow statements, management accounts, and meticulous intercompany reconciliations. Our adaptable approach allows you to choose between consolidation software, Excel sheets, local server-based solutions, or the versatility of cloud-based platforms. Furthermore, our expert team stands ready to provide comprehensive methodological support, guiding and facilitating the creation or transformation of your consolidation processes.

Beyond meticulous consolidation, we excel in the preparation of consolidated financial statements that adhere rigorously to international standards such as IFRS, local GAAP, US GAAP, or other specified accounting benchmarks. Our seamless coordination with auditors during the annual or periodic accounts preparation ensures a frictionless process.
Should you seek enhanced cost control and reporting measures, our services extend to supporting the annual or periodic preparation of consolidated accounts, aligning seamlessly with the required accounting standards. Moreover, our specialization in system implementation—including ERP systems—promises streamlined processes, reduced time investment, and an elevated caliber in the preparation of financial statements.

Choose Consorata for a comprehensive suite of financial consolidation solutions tailored precisely to meet your unique business needs, allowing ou to navigate the complexities of financial reporting with confidence and precision.


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