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The UAE is still a young country with a very diverse population and its work permit and visa regulation system is based on best practice from around the world.

Expatriates make up around 80% of the UAE’s population and this entire foreign workforce requires a work permit or resident permit to live and work here. This means you need to pay special attention to ensure full compliance with the work permit regulations set by the UAE Immigration Authority and Ministry of Labour.

The Immigration and Naturalisation Department and the Ministry of Labour issue working visas for six months or two to three years. The work permit or residence permit application usually takes up to 15 working days, but it’s not the only paperwork you’ll need for employees: all those residents in the UAE – both UAE/GCC nationals and non-nationals – are required to have an ID card.

We can assist your employees to obtain work permits in the UAE. These procedures depend on many different factors (the personal circumstances of an employee), and we can advise the employee on the most efficient way to proceed with their visa application.

In conclusion, our end-to-end HR and Payroll Support Services provide a holistic solution for businesses in the UAE. By outsourcing these critical functions to us, you not only ensure compliance with regulatory standards but also free up valuable time and resources, allowing your business to focus on its core competencies and strategic growth.


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HR advisory and support

Our local team can offer consultancy and advice on any aspects of the UAE Labour Law, Free Zone laws, regulations, jurisdictional differences, employment law, employment practice, salary packages, contracts, on-boarding and more, and offer any support that your company might require.
Re-location consulting: Moving employees to a new location or different jurisdiction can be a headache. We can assist with making the transition easier by helping with the necessary contract changes, provide advice on living in the UAE, explain the labour law requirements and help with on-boarding new employees. We can also assist your employees moving to the UAE by easing the documentation burden, assisting with the process of meeting the local requirements for joining a new company and advising on employment rights.
We can provide local attestation of documents in the Ministy of Foreign Affairs as well as arrange for translation services if required.

HR Consulting And Support
Payroll Outsourcing To UAE

Payroll Services in UAE

A proper documented payroll process is mandated by the Ministry of Labour through the implementation of Wage Protection System (WPS).

Outsourcing your payroll in the UAE

We can provide the following services:
Arrange the secured way of salary transfer using multi-currency payments
Provide systematic monitoring of employees’ loans, reimbursements and advanced payments
Provide sophisticated pay slip distributions that will allow employees to access their current and previous pay slips anytime, anywhere using unique login details and a self- service portal
Integrate complex interface data, providing a flexible system that is compatible with any HR software and applications
Simplify the process of social security from preparation up to filing reports with the local authorities
Be fully compliant with labour regulations in the UAE including the Wage Protection System (WPS)
Calculate the provision for end of service benefit and vacation leave entitlement
Create customised templates or ad-hoc reports for internal and external submission
Prepare GL report with itemised or summarised journal entries in flexible file format depending on the needs of your accounting department. This can be automatically integrated into the company’s accounting system.
The WPS covers all institutions which have their employees registered with the Ministry of Labour across all sectors and industries and will benefit different categories of labour.

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