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Consorata responds to concurrent requirements of worldwide businesses – we provide simple solution for the accounting. No matter where you are located – we can take care of your companies in the UAE and elsewhere!

Stay ahead in the evolving financial landscape with our expertise in new operations accounting, including blockchain technologies and digital assets. Our consultation services extend to accounting and tax implications in the UAE and beyond.

Explore our array of part-time CFO services, designed to meet your diverse financial leadership needs. Consorata is your partner in achieving financial excellence, offering solutions beyond traditional accounting.

Accounting Services

Would you like to forget about different accounting standards, deadlines and reporting commitments?

Bookkeeping in the UAE or other countries under IFRS or other standards (Swiss, Dutch, UK, US, Luxembourg, BVI, Mauritius, Seychelles, Singapore, Hong Kong …) using cloud-based technologies.

Preparing required accounting reports and management accounts for the companies located in special jursdictions in accordance with your internal corporate requirements

Data for your accounting (including in the cloud / on the corporate servers) and/or for your consolidation system

Issuing and sending invoices from the UAE and some other jurisdictions

Budgeting, cash flow planning and forecasting for your internal corporate purposes

IFRS or many other standards Annual accounts (financial statements) preparation

Assistance with finding auditors and liaison with local and group auditors on an annual audit

Employer registration with the WPS and monthly payroll calculation in the UAE using the WPS

Managing and liaising with service providers in one place

New operations accounting – as an example some our clients use blockchain technologies and digital assets etc – we can consult on accounting and tax implications in the UAE and elsewhere

Methodology of accounting: IFRS, other standards – any simple or complex issues

Methodology of accounting: IFRS, other standards – any simple or complex issues

Accounting restoration – eliminating errors in accounting records to ensure accuracy and reliability of financial
figures in prior periods.

Any other part-time CFO services.

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